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"While new rights are attributed to or indeed almost presumed by the individual, life is not always protected as the primary value and the primordial right of every human being. The ultimate aim of medicine remains the defence and promotion of life”.

Pope Francis to International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations and Catholic gynaecologists
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Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) are the trendy new birth control.  But are they good for women?  Do they cause abortions?  What kind of side effects do they have?  What alternatives are there for postponing pregnancy?  Find out more about Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives here.

Also available a brochure What you need to know about the Morning After Pill.

Recall Abortion

Next Generation

The youth of today are the next generation of pro-life leaders in New Zealand, taking up the challenge to proclaim the Gospel of Life to their peers.  Our Next Generation programme equips young people to be effective pro-life leaders NOW! Find out more about Next Generation and how you can be involved in building a culture of life in New Zealand by visiting our youth pages.

Download our FREE prayer booklet for youth "Seeking God:  Prayers for youth for every day".  

Abortion Update

Abortion impacts not only the mother and her unborn child, but also on her family and wider community.  At FLI we attempt to be there for women in their greatest hour of need.  We also provide paths to healing after abortion.  Visit or phone our Option Line:  0800 367 5433.  View latest New Zealand abortion statistics and the 2013 Abortion Supervisory Committee Report here2013 abortion figures 14,073.

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Family Life International NZ is a Catholic pro-life, pro-family organisation which has John Paul II Centres for Life in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin.  We provide practical help to women and girls facing an unplanned pregnancy, free pregnancy tests and pregnancy counseling.  Family Life International also offers post-abortion healing through Project Rachel.  We educate on all the life issues from conception through to natural death including topics such as contraception, abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, sex education, eugenics, prenatal testing, IVF, marriage and re-defined marriage.

A Culture of Life Blog  

"My Decision" but only if you're pro-choice  On Sunday, ALRANZ launched a new website "My Decision" which aims to intimidate and bully pro-life doctors through naming them and publishing women's stories about their experiences with "hostile or unhelpful health professionals".  Read more...  

Truth and reconciliation  
The issue is simple.  Either ALL lives have value or none do.  Either ALL lives have a dignity or none possess this innate quality.  Rights or values that are arbitrarily applied can just as easily be retracted.  Last century undoubtedly witnessed the greatest denial of human dignity within world history.  Communism, Nazism and, to a lesser extent, Apartheid, emerge as monsters in this praxis.  But there is one loudly-silent denier of human dignity.  One that outpaces the others by its sheer number of victims; that is abortion.  Read more...

The real cost of IVF in New Zealand:  human life  
Fertility Associates, New Zealand's largest fertility clinic, is currently celebrating the birth of baby 15,000 through their reproductive technology services.  At the same time, they have unveiled a new technique to help in the selection of 'healthy' embryos to implant.  But what is the true cost of IVF in New Zealand? Read more...

Ebola, an unnecessary epidemic
 A few years back I attended a seminar by a colleague who had worked as a volunteer dentist in a hospital in Uganda.  Conditions in the hospital weren't great.  She frequently worked out in the open air to get enough light to do basic dental procedures.  Any 30+ year old school dental clinic in New Zealand has a light the dentist can postition so they can see what they are doing.  This hospital obviously didn't have one.  Read more...

The story of baby Gammy's abandonment by his biological parents for having Down syndrome has opened up a wide discussion around surrogacy.  Read more...

The STD Superbug  
For the last 60 years, we have enjoyed a period where most infections have been easy to treat.  That time could be coming to an end.  I should know, I've worked in the area of antimicrobial drug resistance.  It's a constant race with the bugs.  Read more...

The Wrong of Rights  
Teenagers are often accused of thinking that the world revolves around them.  This phase usually passes especially after heading out into the 'real world' and discovering that they are but a 'cog' in the enormous kaleidoscope of life.  We observe that the unspoken catch-phrase "It's about me" is anything but limited to teens.  Indeed, many adults proclaim this mantra or similar particularly in the sexual sphere.  Read more...

Decriminalisation of what?
 Decriminalising abortion is in the media again.  It's not the first time it's been in the news and it certainly will not be the last time.  This time it looks like it's going to be an election issue, or at least there is an effort to make it an election issue.  What is being proposed this time is very familiar, and could have come from the wish list of any New Zealand pro-abortion lobby group.  Read more...

Greens attack crisis pregnancy centres, sidewalk counsellors, and pro-life doctors in new abortion policy  Crisis Pregnancy Centres, sidewalk counsellors, pro-life doctors and midwives are further targets of the new Green Party policy on abortion announced last week.  Read more...

Does the Morning After Pill cause abortions?  There is a lot of misleading information about the “morning after pill” or “emergency contraception”.  Much of this misleading information about the “morning after pill or “emergency contraception” has statements like “Won’t cause an abortion if you are already pregnant” or “It doesn’t harm you or a developing embryo”, or “it just prevents fertilisation of the egg”. These statements misrepresent the science behind ‘emergency contraception’.  Read more...

Is Gardasil safe? 
Pharmac are set to refresh the vaccine schedule.  One of the proposed changes is involves access to the HPV vaccine, Gardasil.  Read more...

Upcoming Events

Our Events page has more detailed information about the following:

30th August
Vigil for Life
10:00am to 12:00pm
St Anne's Catholic Church
Emmett Street • Newtown • Wellington
Tuesday 2nd September Living in Color
A post-abortion recovery and healing programme for women will be held in Porirua.  The programme consists of 8 sessions.  For more information or to register lease call 04 237 8343.  Information on the Living in Color programme can be found here.
5th to 10th December Abby Johnson, pro-life advocate, ex Planned Parenthood clinic director and founder of 'Then There Were None' will be visiting New Zealand!  Abby will speak in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin.  Details will be updated as they are confirmed.  For more information see our events page or this one on Abby's visit.