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Thanks for taking the time to have a look at why Family Life International NZ believes it's time to Expose Family Planning for their sexual promiscuity agenda that dismisses as irrelevant parental rights, faith, family traditions and cultural customs.

Family Planning has, over the years, wheedled its way into the very fabric of NZ society, influencing policy, medical practitioners, educational institutions and educators.  In doing so, Family Planning have been able to shape the thinking and behaviour of our youth to such a degree that we have a crazed youth society!  Teen pregnancy, abortion and parenting are all very commonplace in New Zealand today.  So are STI's (which are on the rise).  Our youth are broken and Family Planning have a role to play in that brokenness.  Family Planning's answer - more sexuality (sex) education at even younger ages!

We're on a mission to expose Family Planning in an effort to save our children and youth from ideologies and agendas that ultimately will harm them.

This page will be updated often with very important information that every parent, grandparent, teacher and concerned citizen should know about an organisation that sells sexual promiscuity to children.

Please join us as we work to expose Family Planning and protect our children.

Family Planning:  What Every Parent Needs to Know Video Series

 Episode One:  Dangerous Plan  

NZ Family Planning Association and Abortion

The Tauranga Family Planning clinic has been granted a license to provide early medical abortions by the Abortion Supervisory Committee.  This license means that they can administer the drug Mifepristone (the "abortion pill" or RU486) to women and girls up to 9 weeks into their pregnancy (63 days since the beginning of their last menstrual period - LMP).  If Family Planning had the correct facilities, it is understood that they could also provide surgical abortions up to 12 weeks with this license.  The license was gained without public knowledge, and there was no opportunity for the people of Tauranga to have a say in the application process.

Family Planning Conference 2013

Family Planning are held their 2013 conference on "Positive Sexual Health" and the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa, 31st October to 2nd November 2013.  This conference discussed abortion access, contraceptive access and sex education (sexuality education) for children as young as five years old.  Family Planning will also discuss what they have dubbed their "biggest project ever", working in Kiribati, forcing their ideology onto the Christian population there.  Also on the agenda is activism.

Keynote speakers included Cecile Richards, President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA); Suzanne Ehlers, President and CEO of Population action International; and Dr Mitchell Creinin, the Professor and Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of California Davis School of Medicine or specialises in researching contraception, abortifacients and early medical abortion.

A fact sheet about the Family Planning Conference 2013 can be downloaded here.

Family Planning and Sexuality Education

Family Planning are well known for their sexuality programmes.  Not only do they provide resources for schools so that teachers can pass on their agenda to children, but they also train teachers and parents how to teach children and youth about things that are just not appropriate.

More information on this topic is coming.  In the meantime, the following documents and blogs on the subject are useful:

The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality:  Guidelines for Education within the Family
Pontifical Council for the Family
A comprehensive document for parents, educators and priests.  It explains the situation and problems and points out that we are called to true love and the role of chastity.  The document also places the mother and father as educators and explains their rights and duties.  Four general principles are proposed regarding information given to children about sexuality, this is followed by children's stages of development.  The document concludes with recommendations for parents, educators as well as methods to use and avoid.  Finally four working principles and their norms are recorded.  The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality can be found here.

Parent Power:  How parents can gain control of the school systems that educate their children
James W Sedlak
While this is an American publication, and there is specific school district information that is irrelevant to New Zealand, this publication holds a great deal of excellent insights into the thinking and practices of sexuality educators and how parents can gain back control of their children's education.  Download here.

A Psychoanalytic Look at Today's Sex Education
Dr Anchell
This article explains why sex education is so horrendously devastating.  It discusses a few basic psycholanalytic facts concerning human sexuality before highlighting the material taught and the harm done to children.  A must read.  Read this document here.

Speaking up for our children
The last few weeks has seen quite a resurgence in the subject of sex education, what is now referred to as sexuality education, in an attempt to cover up the insidious nature of this abuse of our children.  Read more...

A spotlight on sexuality education
Family Planning are desperately trying to save face after the public have been appalled at the Association’s plan to release a sexuality resource for children aged 5 to 8 later this month.  The resource has drawn attention to the fact that “sexuality” is already included right through each year level of the health curriculum.  Even in Catholic schools “sexuality” education is compulsory, although parents do have the right to be informed and are given the option of removing their children from these classes.  Read more...

Parental consent and school-based clinics
As my two eldest daughters venture into the world of tweens, I find myself becoming ever more cautious about what they are seeing, hearing and talking about.  My husband and I are thinking about the next few years and all that they will be exposed to, knowing that it will be so much more than when we were that age. It worries us, as I’m sure it worries many other good parents.  Read more...

Other Relevant Downloads and Links

10 Things You Should Know About New Zealand's "Family Planning" can be found here.

An excellent publication about Planned Parenthood can be downloaded here.


Last Updated 22 December 2015