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ABC - Abortion Breast Cancer
Adoption option
Australian Bio-ethics
Catechism Class
Catholic Answers Apologetics Library
Catholic Church, New Zealand
Catholic Music Network
Classic Christian Books Online
Courage - for those experiencing homosexual attractions
Cradle of Hope
Family First
Family Life International Crisis Pregnancy Centres
Hearts Aflame Catholic Summer School
IVF Ethics
IVF Information
Kiwi Catholic Apologetics
Learn the Rosary
Marriage Preparation
New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia
New Zealand Catholic Newspaper
Parents and Friends of ExGays and Gays
Population Research Institute
Porn No More - Catholic anti-porn site
Prostitution Research
Pure Intimacy for married couples
Pure Love Club for young adults
Right to Life NZ
Sisters of Life
St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica
The Endowment for Human Development
The History of Planned Parenthood
The Natural Family Planning Files
The Rosary Project
Umbert the Unborn
Vatican Homepage
Voice of Virtue
Woomb - Billings Natural Fertility Regulation