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Marriage is the lifelong commitment of one man to one woman. It is an institution which involves a public ceremony to annunciate and make official the permanent commitment that husband and wife make to each other in marriage.

Marriage is the most beneficial relationship for the two spouses and any children their marriage may bring forth.

Why should marriage be favored by the state?

Marriage is a mini society upon which strong cultures and societies are built. This means that it is in the best interests of a society to favor and support marriage.

Studies consistently show that married couples have better financial outcomes, better life outcomes and they have more fulfilled sex lives than people in any other type of relationship.

Research also shows that children born and raised in a loving marriage have better life outcomes, both long and short term, than children raised in other parenting arrangements. Studies also show that other types of relationship arrangements place children at increased risk of emotional and physical violence.

What about gay marriage?

Gay marriage provides no benefit for society, for children or for the individuals involved.

Children raised in a gay marriage are denied one of their most fundamental rights; the right to be raised by both a mother and a father. No amount of substitutes can replace the complimentary roles that a mother and father provide in the life of a child.

Research tells us that the majority of gay marriages/civil unions involve multiple sexual partners and that they simply do not last.

Gay marriages and civil unions also provide societal approval of a destructive behavior. Homosexual behavior exposes those involved to serious and extraordinary physical and emotional harm and anything which legitimizes this is not in the best interests of society or the individuals concerned.

What about polygamous marriages?

It is becoming increasingly common to hear about a deviant fringe culture known as “polyamore”.

Polyamore is simply a revised and rebranded form of polygamy (the practice of having more than one husband or wife).

Polyamore is a nonsense; because its practitioners claim that they are giving themselves to more than one person (which they claim makes them more loving people). In actual fact polyamore makes them a less loving person, because it is impossible to give yourself totally to more than one person. If you have given all of yourself to person A, then there is nothing left to give to person B.

Polyamorous marriage is a complete impossibility because marriage requires one man and one woman to make a full and total self-commitment to each other, and polyamorous relationships can never actually meet such criteria.

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