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Natural Fertility Regulation

What is Natural Fertility Regulation (NFR)?

NFR educates a woman to interpret her natural signs of fertility through all her changing life stages from puberty to menopause.

NFR is easy to learn and is highly successful

NFR enriches the life of married couples by strengthening their loving relationship and communication.

NFR empowers a woman with knowledge to take charge of her own fertility.

NFR teaches breastfeeding mothers to recognise the first fertility cycle after the birth of the baby.

NFR is chemical free, 100% natural and it rids sex of cumbersome and disruptive artificial devices

Scientific Studies conducted by the World Health Organisation in 5 different countries, with different cultural and socio-economic conditions, has confirmed that if correctly used, the Billings Ovulation Method is highly effective. (99.8%)

When can NFR be used?
Natural Fertility Regulation can be used during:

    ► Regular and irregular cycles
    Anovular cycles
Effects of stress
After childbirth or miscarriage
  ► While breastfeeding
Approaching menopause
Low fertility

How do I learn Natural Fertility Regulation?
Contact us anytime and we will arrange a trained teacher to provide free, confidential and personal instruction.

We have trained Billing's tutors available in Auckland, Wellington and other parts of NZ

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0800 367 5433

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"A natural method of fertility regulation can be applied when fertility and sexuality are appreciated, and the laws of nature which govern the achievement of conception are learned. Such a method not only conforms to the biological process, but also respects the nobility of the husband and wife, allowing them together to exercise freedom of choice, and in this way to consolidate their love for each other and for their children who are conceived and accepted in a union which is faithful to both fertility and love."
- Dr. John J. Billings (founder of the Billings Method of Natural Fertility Regulation)