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Nurture in Love Prepared for Life

The Challenges parents face in educating their children and teens in our current environment are indeed great. Parents need more than ever to gain urgent access to the necessary educational tools and assistance to ensure their children and teens are properly educated in the faith and are empowered to discern, understand and respond to the unique plan that God has for their true happiness.
This is why, in 2017, Family Life International is working with expert priests and educators to develop a comprehensive resource to assist parents to ensure that their children and teens are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to make sense of their friendships, relationships and sexuality and to understand how God has made them out of Love and for Love. God has a plan that will lead our next generation to their greatest happiness and fulfilment. We as parents need to learn how to help our children to unpack and respond to this great gift with love and generosity.

Friday Evening during Term 3 starting 11 August, 7:00pm
Bugler Centre, Holy Family Parish,
94 Taikata Road, Te Atatu Peninsula
Nurtured in Love, Prepared for Life will be on during the Theology of the Body out West
an 8 week programme for teens. 
Discover the amazing truth about sexuality and God's plan for life, faith and love. 
It's positive, life affirming and fun.
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Educating our children is the primary duty and 

responsibility of Parents.

"It is within the family where children are raised and formed as human beings. The parental role in this human formation is governed by love, a love which places itself at the service of children to draw forth from them ("educere") the best that is in them and which finds its fullest expression precisely in the task of educating."
Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church No. 239

It is vital to recognise that it is the family and specifically parents hold the primary responsibility for the education of children and indeed it is within the family where young men and women are formed in the fullness of their personal dignity according to all its dimensions, which include social, cultural, ethical, spiritual and religious values.

But we parents need help.

Our children need us parents to step up with confidence and joy and claim for them their chance to flourish. God wants our children to reach their greatest happiness and their fullest potential in Life and Love and He has entrusted them to us!
  • Parent need help to understand God's loving intentions for human friendship, love and sexuality.
  • Parent need to help actively listen to their children's experience and help them to make sense of them in true freedom and love.
  • Parents need help to build a culture of Life within their families to provide a vibrant milieu for friendship and chaste love.

But how?

Educating children in life, faith and love requires a multi-faceted approach:
  • It needs to be deliberate
  • It needs to be supported
  • It needs to be lived

What will the programme do?

  • This programme will help parents to unlock the amazing Theology of the Body given to the Church by the great Pope Saint John Paul II.
  • It will give parents practical and age appropriate tools and frameworks that will help them and their children to make sense of their relationships and friendships and to assist them to make life giving choices.
  • Parents will gain confidence to lead their families in new directions with a sense of real optimism and joy.
  • Parents will be helped to notice and respond to threats to their children and their formation.
  • Parents will be able to share their experiences with other parents and build a culture of life and love in their community in which their children can thrive.