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Pro-Life Quotes

Come on over to our blog and discover a variety of pro-life and pro-family quotes.  They are organised by author and also by topic for easy searching.  We add new quotes regularly.

On Prayer
Sex Education


"There is no more callous denial of God's Being than abortion.  In abortion, man sets himself up as God to decide who shall live and who shall die.  But man deserves no such power, for the simple reason that man does not create himself.  To think otherwise is to deny God His true Being as the Author of Life." 
~ Fr Paul Marx, OSB - Founder of HLI and the Apostle of Life

"Abortion doesn't empower women, it exploits them.  It's bad medicine, bad morality, and even bad feminism."
~ Janet Morana, Recall Abortion

"While new rights are attributed to or indeed almost presumed by the individual, life is not always protected as the primary value and the primordial right of every human being.  The ultimate aim of medicine remains the defence and promotion of life."
~ Pope Francis to International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations and Catholic Gynaecologists

"Abortion can never be safe.  Any procedure where "success" means the killing of another human being can certainly not be safe."
~ Abby Johnson, Facebook 17 November 2014


“Compassion can be a bridge either to despair or to hope.  As a mere feeling that seeks to remove the sufferer since it finds suffering unacceptable, compassion leads to despair.  As a virtue rooted in love, compassion leads to another virtue rooted in love - hope.” 
~ Donald DeMarco


“Let us say “Yes” to life and not death. Let us say “Yes” to freedom and not enslavement to the many idols of our time. In a word, let us say “Yes” to the God who is love, life and freedom, and who never disappoints.”
~ Pope Francis, 16 June 2013

"Even if you are not afraid to fall alone, how do you presume that you will rise up alone?  Consider: two together can accomplish more than one alone."
~ St John of the Cross

"It is my desire, by my presence and with my words, to pay tribute to your tireless work in defending and fostering the inviolability of innocent and defenseless human life from the moment of conception until the moment of natural death."
~ Raymond Cardinal Burke to participants at Rome Life Forum 2014

On Prayer

"Let us therefore discover anew the humility and the courage to pray and fast so that power from on high will break down the walls of lies and deceit: the walls which conceal from the sight of so many of our brothers and sisters the evil of practices and laws which are hostile to life."
~ Blessed John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae #100

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
~ 2 Chronicles 7:14

Sex Education

"I content that it's 'comprehensive sexuality education' that's animated by pseudoscience and crackpot ideology."
~ Miriam Grossman, MD in You're Teaching My Child What?

Last Updated 18 September 2014