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Therese Programme

The Therese Programme has been developed by Family Life International NZ, to support families after an adverse pre-natal diagnosis.   

Help and support is available for families whether the diagnosis be for an intellectual or physical impairment, such as Down syndrome or Spina Bifida, or for a life-limiting condition.  We can serve you in this difficult time in what ever way you need including

•  Advocacy
•  Support and friendship
•  Access to information
•  Access to families with similar experiences
•  Perinatal hospice

•  Meeting practical needs for you and your family

For more information please call our Option Line 0800 367 5433


Download our Therese Programme brochure

Therese Programme Brochure Therese Programme Brochure (4896 KB)


A Lifetime of Love in 67 Days is a heart-warming story of one family's journey after receiving a life limiting prenatal diagnosis for their unborn son Joshua.  He had a large occipital encephalocele.  Joshua was not expected to live post birth, however he lived a beautiful life post birth with his family for 67 days.  Thank you Susie and Matt Sams for allowing Family Life International NZ to share your courageous, loving story.   You can read about the Sams' Family story at