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ToB is an 8 week programme for teens. 
Discover the amazing truth about sexuality and God's plan for life, faith and love.
It's positive, life affirming and fun.

Teen Programme

ToB out West

Every Friday Evening

11th August to 29th September, 7-9pm
Fr. Green Hall, behind Holy Family Parish,
94 Taikata Road, Te Atatu Peninsula 

Every Friday Evening

11th August to 29th September, 7-9pm
Bugler Centre, Holy Family Parish,
94 Taikata Road, Te Atatu Peninsula 

Identity • Gender • Love • Chastity
"The world is a challenging place for teens... and for parents and educators. It has become increasingly difficult 
to help teens discover the truth about their bodies, their sexuality, and their unique call to love."
YOU, Ascension Press                       
What will the programme do?
  • This programme will help teens unlock the amazing Theology of the Body given to the Church by the great
    Pope St John Paul II.
  • It will engage teens in practical, contemporary and age appropriate activities that will help them to make sense
    of their bodies, their friendships, and their sexuality.
  • It will help teens to understand how God's plan for them is a plan that gives them true freedom and happiness
    and will grow them to their fullest potential in love.
  • It will help teens to gain confidence to choose what is truly best for them and to live in chastity with a sense of
    real optimism and joy.
  • It will help teens and parents to reconnect and to share their understandings of life, faith and love.
Teens will be grouped in same-sex groups with other teens of the same or similar age and maturity. 
Trained group leaders will use video resources including "Theology of the Body for Teens" and "YOU
(published by Ascension Press) and will run planned group activities and discussions which are 
completely Catholic in their approach.

In the Parent Programme, Nurture in Love, Prepared for Life, held in Bugler Centre, parents 
will get a chance see what their teens are learning and to gain even more insights into how they can 
help their teens as they mature.

Parent Information Evening

28th July, 7pm
Bugler Centre, Holy Family Parish
94 Taikata Road, Te Atatu Peninsula
Parents of teens are invited to come along to hear about how the Theology of the Body out West and the associated programme for parents Nurtured in Love, Prepared for Life will help them and their teens understand 
an authentic view of the human person and how they can live in authentic freedom, happiness and love.

ToB Weekend Camp!

22nd - 24th September
Hunua Falls Camp
203 Falls Road, Hunua
At this important ToB retreat the teens will continue the sessions of their programme. They will also have time 
for prayer and adoration. Parents and families are invited to Sunday Mass and picnic lunch before returning home.